van-dilmun.jpgEngineer, traveler, driller, butcher, mechanic, diver, chef, welder, runner, programmer, and a little mad-science.  I’ve done a lot of things over the last half-century that have all in some way prepared me for this new profession, Distiller.

I’m a combination of the old world and the new.  Born in the sixties, third son of a cowboy and a free-spirit, I grew up in the seventies with one foot in the country and the other city.  I learned to respect our old traditions, because they are the foundation of our world.  As I matured in the eighties, I witnessed technology transform the world.  Mechanics, computers, science, all drove me to Engineering and learning how the world works.

Into my adulthood, I continued to pursue technology, all while respecting the fact that all of today’s technology stands on the shoulders of giants from yesterday.  Twenty years in the Oil and Gas industry were good to me.  I earned a great living while plying my Engineering skills.  Not as a traditional office drone, but as an R&D lab rat with great mentors.  Aged men, each with decades upon decades of knowledge, skills, and practice.  I was fortunate enough to be on the cutting edge of technology, while learning from legends in the industry.  Build stuff, break stuff, build it again better.  Oops, that didn’t work, but I learned a lot!  Melding the old world and the new is how I’ve lived my life.

I find myself now on the precipice of a new career.  Learning all I can about traditional methods used for centuries in light of the new sciences of enzymes, esters and electronics.  My challenge now is how best to meld the two.  This, I believe, is what it takes to be successful.  Be respectful of the giant shoulders you stand on, because one day, if you’re lucky, others will stand on yours.

As I move forward, my mission is to create craft spirits so fine, you will want to enjoy them neat, without any perversion of water, ice, or other mixers.  But I’ll also make lighter spirits, full of flavor and perfect for your favorite cocktail.

Slainte, Prost, Cheers!